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NFL Live Blog: Week 13 early games

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Hopefully by this time you're starting to wake up from your turkey-induced coma. There is a lot of action this morning though most of it does not concern the Broncos and their playoff standing in any significant way.

The best

San Diego (7-4) @ Baltimore (7-4)

Baltimore is in a 3-way tie for 2nd place in the NFC North. Cincinnati has a half game lead and a leg up on the division with a winning record against NFC North foes. Baltimore needs this win badly to keep pace.

San Diego comes into the day sitting precariously in the #6 position in the AFC tied with three other teams for the final playoff spot. They would love keep their spot another week while potentially strengthening their position for the AFC West with Denver visiting Kansas City in what will be a fierce battle.

Bronco Mike's pick

Baltimore 24-20

San Diego is too banged up and though Phillip Rivers was able to carry them earlier in the season, they lack the talent to stone up with a team like Baltimore who is balanced both on offense and defense.

The rest

Cleveland (7-4) @ Buffalo (6-5)

Cleveland is tied with three other teams at 7-4 but sits 9th in the AFC. Buffalo is all but done at 6-5 in 11th place in the AFC.

Tennessee (2-9) @ Houston (5-6)

Not even a spoiler in this game. Tennessee is in position to win the #1 seed while Houston is stuck in no-man's-land in the middle of the conference.

Washington (3-8) @ Indianapolis (7-4)

Who would have thought three years down the road that the first meeting between Andrew Luck and RGIII would actually be the first meeting between Andrew Luck and Colt McCoy? If any Broncos fans out there are covetous of RGIII, just say no. He is not a leader, and he has done nothing in three seasons to improve his deficiencies.

New York Giants (3-8) @ Jacksonville (1-10)

Nothing worse than an inter-conference meeting between bottom feeders. Call this a matchup only a mother could love.

Carolina (3-7-1) @ Minnesota (4-7)


New Orleans (4-7) @ Pittsburgh (7-4)

Funny to think that New Orleans is right in the thick of a divisional battle at 4-7. This game is actually pretty meaningful to both teams. Given that Dick LeBeau's defense has a tendency to give up a lot of big plays downfield, New Orleans should be able to capitalize.

Oakland (1-10) @ St. Louis (4-7)

2 game winning streak for Oakland?

Cincinnati (7-3-1) @ Tampa Bay (2-9)

Can't see Cincy dropping one here.