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Broncos at Chiefs 2nd half Open Thread

I think this is the sort of team and effort we have been wanting to see all season.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into halftime, the Broncos are playing ball control on Kansas City's homefield.

First Downs? 14-4

Total Yards? 238-59

Rushing Yards? 102-24

Time of Possession? 20:24-9:20

The Broncos are controlling every facet of the game right now including coaching where John Fox has shown quite a bit of aggressiveness. On the Broncos 3rd scoring drive, the punting team converted a 4th down when David Bruton took the direct snap off left end. From there, CJ Anderson would convert another 4th down, and though the Broncos would ultimately settle for a FG, the tone has been set.

CJ Anderson has given the Broncos balance once again rushing for 80 yards on 17 first half carries. So far, the Broncos have passed the ball 20 times and rushed the ball 18 times.

Del Rio has unleashed some blitzes on 3rd down that have seen Quinton Carter and TJ Ward take down Alex Smith.

30 more minutes of high octane, full effort football left, Manning and the offense will start with the 2nd half kickoff. Let's close it out, GO BRONCOS!!!