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Denver Broncos Week 10 Power Rankings: The Chiefs ahead of the Broncos?

Lets see where the Broncos rank this week in the Power Rankings after their disappointing loss to the New England Patriots this past Sunday

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Our weekly look around the web for how the Broncos rank in NFL Power Rankings.

The Denver Post: 3

(Last week: 1)

They might be able to afford one more loss to avoid going through New England in the AFC playoffs, but they can't lose two more. Julius Thomas has been quiet three consecutive games.

Thoughts: So obviously the Broncos are going to drop some after their loss. I could see them falling to third and having a team like Indy or Pittsburgh ahead of them at two. Mike Klis of the Denver Post did just that, but he didn't put the Steeler or Colts ahead of the Broncos, he put the Chiefs...

Here's his reasoning for putting KC so high...

What? Too high? Did you not see what Justin Houston and the Chiefs did to the Patriots five weeks back? Alex Smith is the best 200-yard quarterback in the league.

Yes Klis, we saw that. We also saw that same Kansas City team coming into Denver and lose(barely).

His reasoning is flawed.


(Last week: 1)

Peyton Manning threw as many interceptions targeting wide receivers (two) in Sunday's loss as he had all season. TE Julius Thomas received a career-low two targets.

Thoughts: ESPN has the Broncos 3rd with the Patriots and Arizona Cardinals ahead of them. I'm okay with this. Thomas had so few targets because he was used a blocker more since Virgil Green missed the game. 3

(Last week: 1)

Obviously the Broncos had to drop, given what happened in New England. Peyton Manning hasn't pressed that hard since the Super Bowl, and to put it candidly, it showed. The run game has been completely absent in Denver's two losses: 36 yards in Seattle, 43 on Sunday. Manning or no Manning, you still have to be able to run in spots to win it all. #situationalfootball.

Thoughts: I'm okay with this one as well. Like ESPN, they have New England and Arizona ahead of the Broncos. I do agree with their comments on the Broncos run game. When they become one dimensional, it usually doesn't end well for the Broncos.

CBS Sports: 3

(Last week: 1)

The biggest disappointment for this team from the loss at New England had to be the defense. What happened?

Thoughts: Prisco has the Arizona Cardinals number one, and the New England Patriots two.

Prisco asks what happened to the Broncos defense? They couldn't make stops on third down.

Fox Sports: 3

(Last week: 1)

The dominant pass rush duo of Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware was completely neutralized for the first time in weeks, and the Broncos looked a step slower than the Patriots on both sides of the ball.

Thoughts: Again New England and Arizona are the only ones ahead of the Broncos. I do disagree with their sentence about the pass rush. Von and Ware were applying pressure, but Tom Brady might be one of the best at eluding the pressure inside the pocket.