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Horse Tracks: Montee Ball is nearing his return to the field

Good Morning Broncos Country

Doug Pensinger

Montee Ball started the season as the Denver Broncos starting running back, and many had high hopes for the second year back. Unfortunately Ball struggled during the teams first few games, and then suffered a groin Injury against the Arizona Cardinals that sidelined him for about a month.

Ronnie Hillman took over for Ball and did pretty well in his absence. He totaled 363 yards rushing on the ground, and had two 100 yard games in that span. Hillman did have his worse game of 2014 this past weekend when he only totaled 16 yards rushing on 10 carries.

Now Montee Ball has returned to practice on a limited basis Wednesday and could return to the field this Sunday if he doesn't have any setbacks.

"Today it felt good. It’s a process. I’m going to listen to the trainers and they’ll make a decision coming into the week. But [I] definitely listen to them because they brought me along this far and it feels great."

While out with the groin injury Ball worked on his weight some. Ball said on Wednesday that he dropped from 224lbs to 212lbs where he played at during his college days.

“It was kind of my plan, so I could move better, hit the holes faster. I was 224 [pounds] when the injury happened. I’m 212 [pounds] now and I most definitely love it. This is where I was at in college, and I feel a lot more comfortable at this weight.”

If Ball does play this weekend he will be playing Ronnie Hillman, and more then likely will be eased back into action. However if Hillman struggles in the run game/pass protection from last week carry over this weekend we could see Ball get more snaps.

Ball does understand his role when he does return, and plans to push Hillman for his old job back.

“I most definitely understand what it is. I most definitely have to work for what was taken from me. And he (RB Ronnie Hillman) did a great job of taking that job from me. I understand what it is. I’m a man. I understand he’s been doing a great job while I’ve been sitting. And when I come back, I’m going to work extremely hard to get that back and that’s the fun thing about it. It’s competition when I come back.”

Either way the Broncos will need both of these guys to have success going forward. Hopefully Hillman will get back on track, and Ball will comeback a better back after losing some weight.

Go Broncos!

Horse Tracks:

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