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Live Blog - Week 10 NFL Early Games Thread

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Who do you got this morning? I'm going with the Bills, Lions, Saints, Steelers, Falcons, Cowboys and Ravens. I am least confident in those first two, unfortunately.
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Alex Goodlett

So far, the week kicked off with a big time upset with the Cleveland Browns embarrassing the Cincinnati Bengals in their own stadium, 24-3. I think there should be one or two surprises this morning as usual in this any given Sunday league, but its the matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints that I found most intriguing.

The 49ers are in a must-win game and are fighting for their playoff lives after just eight games. Though the Saints have the same record at 4-4, they are a full up on their nearest division rival, but Drew Brees is red hot and the Saints are really tough to beat at home. I just don't see how Colin Kaepernick can pull it off.

Meanwhile, I think the Kansas City Chiefs drop one on the road against Kyle Orton and the Buffalo Bills. We all know how Orton likes to stick it to his former teams. Having passed weekly NFL Picks post off to Pete Baron here at Mile High Report, I now get to see how well I do against him. This Bills/Chiefs game is the only one we disagreed on.

I'm tempted to switch a few of my picks up, but I did that twice last week and went from a potential 12-1 weekly record to 10-3 and cost myself $90 in my Yahoo Pick'em League. So I am forcing myself to stand pat here.

Who are you rooting for in these early games?