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Live Blog: Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders - Second Half

After wanting to have a brain aneurysm for most of the first half, the Denver Broncos exploded for two touchdown passes in the final minutes to take a two score lead into halftime.
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Thearon W. Henderson

The Denver Broncos are finally playing with confidence again, the terror the offense played with for most of the first half vanished on those final two drives. Fortunately, the Broncos defense is not playing with fear and have forced the Oakland Raiders into so many three and outs that I have lost count. It's at least five or six.

C.J. Anderson is playing within a little thing called Beast Mode with 52 yards rushing on just five carries and 71 yards receiving on three catches, one going 51 yards for a touchdown. Outside of that late touchdown reception, Emmanuel Sanders has been relatively quiet with just three catches for 46 yards - 32 of that on the touchdown.

Instead, it's been Demaryius Thomas once again who has the workhorse today with six catched for 59 yards. Frankly, I'm okay with a lot less throwing in the second half. Peyton Manning has 32 pass attempts already, which is just ridiculous. FEED. THE. BEAST.