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Here are all six Broncos sacks on Alex Smith Sunday night (plus bonus DeMarcus Ware goodness)

The Broncos dominated the Chiefs 29-16 Sunday night... relive how the Broncos defense got after Alex Smith, sacking him six times.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The GIF may take a minute to load (that much Broncos awesomeness is difficult for the Internet to handle), but once it does, you can view it over and over and over and over....

Alex Smith sacked six times by Broncos

Von Miller 1.5
T.J. Ward 1
Quinton Carter 1
Brandon Marshall 1
DeMarcus Ware 1
Derek Wolfe .5

Bonus: Demarcus Ware blows up read-option play

Technically not a sack since it was a design run, but more Broncos domination.

DeMarcus Ware tackles Alex Smith read-option