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Report: Salary cap expected to rise to 138-141 million in 2015

Via USA Today

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Club executives attending the league's annual labor seminar on Tuesday were told that the cap for 2015 is projected to rise to $138 million to $141 million, two club executives at the meeting told USA TODAY Sports. The executives did not want their identities revealed because they are not authorized to announce the information.

That's a rise of at least $5 million from the current $133 million cap.

According to, the Broncos currently have 9.794 million in cap room at the moment. This total can be rolled into next season.

Looking ahead to 2015, the Denver Broncos will only have 108.877 million tied into the roster. Given that the Cap will be at about 140 million, given the fact that the Broncos can roll 9.794 million into next season, they have close to 40 million in cap space give or take a couple.

That number will be one of the highest in the league and provide the Broncos with more flexibility to sign guys from their own extensive crop of UFA.

Here is the list of Broncos that will become free agents in 2015--pay special note to the UFA who can hit the open market (courtesy of over the cap dot com):

My Take:

A List Players (priority to resign):

Demaryius Thomas, Chris Harris Jr., Terrance Knighton

B List Players (priority to resign):

Orlando Franklin, Virgil Green

C List Players (priority to resign):

Will Montgomery, Nate Irving

Let em go:

Julius Thomas, Wes Welker, Jacob Tamme, Mitch Unrein, Rahim Moore, Tony Carter, Quinton Carter

Let's discuss the roster, who do you sign and who do you let go?