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Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers: TV Broadcast Map (NFL Week 15, CBS)

Courtesy of here's a broadcast map for the Broncos/Chargers Week 15 game. If you're in the RED you'll get the game on your local CBS station this Sunday. Kickoff is 2:05 p.m. MT.

It's Chargers week Part Deux - and this time it's a battle for the AFC West!

If you're in the RED you'll get the Broncos game without the aid of a sports bar or Sunday Ticket. Alaska you're in the RED as well this week!

As always, this map is tentative and subject to change. Check for the latest, and note that they make  the same disclaimer.

Here's a breakdown of the map:

BLUE (plus HI) - Miami @ New England

GREEN - Pittsburgh @ Atlanta

YELLOW - Houston @ Indianapolis

PURPLE - Oakland @ Kansas City

ORANGE - Jacksonville @ Baltimore

RED - Denver @ San Diego (LATE GAME)

AQUA BLUE - NY Jets @ Tennessee (LATE GAME)

Glass half empty or half full?

It's hard to be a fan of a Super Bowl or bust team. OK, fine. It's not hard at all. It's pretty amazing. But I get the sense that Broncos Country has been trying to protect themselves from getting too excited or confident this season despite their team being 10-3. That's what a heartbreaking playoff loss followed by a shocking Super Bowl blowout can do to a fan base.

With the win-it-all-or-this-season-was-a-letdown feeling many fans in Broncos Country share it can be challenging to appreciate the small stuff. The weekly wins, the players stepping up to fill in after injuries, the adjustments that made a hard to watch O-line shut down the team with the most sacks a few weeks later. There is a lot of good news for the Denver Broncos right now.

However it's hard to not nitpick, to not look for the achilles heel that will destroy the Broncos chances of winning or even getting to the Super Bowl. Even after games the Broncos win. Yes we won that game, but did you see _____? That can't happen in ___ talk drives some fans batty (why can't you just be happy with a win!). However picking apart the smaller aspects of football games is also enjoyable to many and can start some fascinating conversations.

The current Broncos team doesn't look like the Broncos team fans are used to seeing with Peyton Manning as their quarterback. Is that good? Is that bad? We'll just have to wait and see - you can either focus on the good news, focus on the bad news, or be right there in the center with a good dash of hope that the Broncos will run the table, avoid injury, and bring home that Lombardi trophy in February.

The good news: the Broncos can wrap up the AFC West this Sunday with a win over the San Diego Chargers

The bad news: the Broncos still need the New England Patriots to drop a game for any chance of getting the #1 seed and the Chargers are desperate to stay in the wild card hunt

The good news: the Broncos running game is looking strong

The bad news: almost all of the Broncos running backs are dealing with some kind of injury

The good news: Emmanuel Sanders is as tough and dependable as they come

The bad news: it's unclear right now if the Broncos red zone threat Julius Thomas will be much a threat anytime soon

The good news: the Broncos have Peyton Manning as their quarterback

The bad news: it appears it's going to take hime some time to get adjusted to the Broncos more balanced offense (more good news: I'm pretty sure he'll figure it out)

The good news: the San Diego Chargers O-line is struggling

The bad news: sorry, that's just good news, because the Broncos pass rush is not struggling

The Denver Broncos are 60-49-1 all-time against the San Diego Chargers. Kickoff is scheduled for 2:05PM MT.