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Juwan Thompson is a cheap, yet attractive option in daily fantasy leagues this week.
Juwan Thompson is a cheap, yet attractive option in daily fantasy leagues this week.
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Mile High Report held our second weekly fantasy league of the season on FanDuel, and we had a full league turnout of 55. Because of the great turnout, we'll be holding the league again this week, meaning another chance to prove your fantasy knowledge and win some cash at the same time. This league format is particularly great for those who have already been eliminated from their own fantasy playoffs, and are missing that excitement that only fantasy football can bring.

The same format applies to this week, except that the league will consist of just 44 teams, with the winner taking home the grand prize of $50. The remaining teams in the Top 10 final standings will take home incrementally smaller amounts of money, with a total of $200 in cash prizes to be won. If you're interested in this week's league, click here to get started!

Week 14's league saw @prosfb take home the top prize, with the following lineup:


ProsFB struck gold with the pick of Vikings WR Charles Johnson, who proved to be an extremely valuable sleeper, and greatly benefited from Le'Veon Bell's domination as well. Another nice sleeper for our Week 14 winner was Bills receiver Sammy Watkins, who was drafted by just 1.8% of owners, and managed to produce 14.2 points in Denver.

My personal lineup didn't fare particularly well, mainly due to the fact that Theo Riddick was a dud, not playing a single snap in the week for the Lions. Russell Wilson was easily the MVP of my team, posting 29.32 points, while being drafted by just 9.1% of owners. Regardless, the team fell due to poor performances by Riddick, DeAndre Hopkins, and Davante Adams. With three players who don't perform well, it's extremely rare to do well in daily fantasy, and my team wound up in the middle of the pack at 24th out of 55 contestants.

This week, the keys to selecting Broncos players are as follows:

1) Juwan Thompson. The rookie Broncos running back is quite the bargain, especially for a guy who dominated on the majority of his touches last week, and should have more opportunities in this week's game. CJ Anderson is battling an ankle injury; and while it shouldn't hinder him significantly, it should cut down on his workload, which could mean more carries for Thompson. Neither Montee Ball or Ronnie Hillman have timetables for a return to the lineup either, and it's unlikely that either will play in Week 15. For just $5200, he'll leave you with plenty of spending money for the remainder of your lineup.

2) Peyton Manning's dominance of San Diego could make him worth the expensive price tag. Peyton Manning has had a couple of rough weeks in the passing game for Denver, but he has a solid chance of returning to form against the Chargers. Manning has averaged three touchdowns per game against the Chargers since moving to Denver, and has yet to complete fewer than 24 passes in those five games. Manning could be in for a large fantasy week, and should be valuable to your team, provided you can fill in the remaining spots frugally and effectively.

If you're wondering what my personal lineup will look like in Week 15, you'll have to wait to check the leaderboards after the games are over; maybe not showing my lineup pre-game will help me finish higher (that's the plan, at least). If you're interested in joining the league, make sure to do so quick, as only the first 55 contestants will be allowed to play. Remember to follow the link above, and best of luck to all who enter!

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