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Peyton Manning ill, had to plead to start the second half

A weird string of events almost saw Peyton Manning on the bench to begin the 3rd quarter.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Flu-like symptoms and an injured thigh nearly knocked Peyton Manning out of his Week 15 game against the San Diego Chargers, but the Denver Broncos quarterback toughed it out to return to start the second half.

After running to the locker room following a big block for C.J. Anderson, the Broncos saw Brock Osweiler take three snaps at quarterback to end the first half. CBS' sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson reported that Broncos coach John Fox told her that it would be Osweiler, not Manning, to start the second half.

Manning may play, but this was what was reported by CBS.


Manning reportedly pleaded his case to offensive coordinator Adam Gase on the sideline, and though Fox told CBS Brock would start, Manning came back in to start the second half. But his status certainly bears watching. Let's keep an eye on his movement and throws going forward.