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Monday Night Football: New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears

Welcome to what I have officially dubbed the Dumpster Fire Bowl where the winner will actually be the loser. One team is inexplicably in the hunt for a playoff berth, the other is the 2008 Denver Broncos.

New Orleans Saints
Monday, December 15, 2014
6:30 PM MDT
Chicago Bears




3rd Pass Off. 10th
8th Rush Off. 26th
30th Pass Def. 31st
29th Rush Def. 17th
5-8 Soldier Field, Chicago, IL 5-8
2nd NFC South Saints Favored 4th NFC North

Somehow, both of these teams have five wins this year even though they have both been dysfunctional dumpster fires at times this season. The New Orleans Saints are suddenly horrible at home and Drew Brees is coming up very short (no pun intended!) when his team needs him the most.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears are imploding before our very eyes. Jay Cutler is exactly the kind of guy we were all hoping he wasn't when he was playing for the Denver Broncos. I no longer think Jeff George is all that inaccurate of a comparison. I am astounded that the Bears front office has done nothing to at least give the players the general public confidence that they have this implosion well in hand. Even the Broncos knew when it was time to dump Josh McDaniels. Bears fans are ready for this to end.

The Saints, despite all of their frustrations, have hope. They even have a soft schedule. All they need to do is win. I hate doing this, because every time I pick an NFC South team to rise up and take control of this division, they lose. Now, since I am not one to learn from my past mistakes, I'm going to pound that round peg into the square hole one more time tonight and pick the Saints to win big on the road.

Prediction: Saints 38, Bears 16.

Who do you have winning the Dumpster Fire Bowl tonight? In other words, which team will shoot itself in the foot enough times to lose the game handily?