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What is the Broncos @ Chargers play of the game?

Another Broncos victory means you get to vote for your play of the game!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

1) Manning drops a present neatly into the arms of Julius Thomas

Nobody throws that sideline pass better than Peyton Manning. They should just rename the route after #18. Watch how perfectly the ball sails over JT's back and into his waiting arms.

Barth makes a kick longer than 19 yards

This is by far Connor Barth's best kick as a Bronco, and he was finally in a pressure situation when he delivered. Up only one score, a miss would have given San Diego great field position with an opportunity pull ahead. Instead Barth nailed it right down the middle with plenty of leg.

3) Manning gets Broncos into FG position

After a penalty nullified a 1st down CJ Anderson run and put the Broncos in a tough 3rd and 20 situation (and more importantly out of FG range), Manning reads the off coverage and throws a strike before Demaryius comes out of his break. The result is a 12 yard gain allowing a Connor Barth FG attempt that would extend the Broncos lead 19-10.

4) I got your back!

Perfection. Against good man coverage on the outside, QB and WR connect on a back-shoulder throw. DT is expecting this throw and looks the ball into his hands. The momentum carries the defensive back to the ground and Thomas uses his elite speed and elusiveness to scamper into the endzone.

5) Off coverage finally works

From standard Cover 2, Aqib Talib reads the post and puts himself into position to under cut the route. This is a great play by Talib seemingly knows exactly what route is coming right from the snap.

6) Rahim the Dream unleashes nightmare on San Diego's playoff hopes

Watching this play off the "all-22" film has me extremely impressed with Rahim Moore's play. Note that Moore is essentially on the other side of the field. He reads Rivers' eyes, and breaks on the route within a split second of the snap. That is what you call a ball-hawking safety and enough evidence for me that Rahim should be our starting FS going forward. Fantastic play!

Which play tickled your fancy Broncos Country?