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Broncos film review: David Bruton audibled the fake punt

If you needed further proof what an asset David Bruton is to the Denver Broncos - look no further than the perfectly executed fake punt in the Broncos/Chiefs week 13 game.

Peter Aiken/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos are known for a lot of things.

Faking punts is not one of them.

I think a lot of people in Broncos Country were surprised (and delighted) when the Broncos stormed out of the gates to a 14-0 lead at Arrowhead Sunday night. And after a Broncos punt it was great to see Omar Bolden make a fantastic tackle forcing the Chiefs to start at the 9 yard line. Unfortunately after Andre Caldwell was penalized for running out of bounds during the punt (c'mon Bubba!) the Broncos had to re-kick.

And then this happened.

4th and 7. The Broncos are on their own 36. Wow!

After I stopped laughing and started breathing normally again I started having warm and fuzzy feelings for John Fox and Special Teams Coordinator Jeff Rodgers for such a gutsy call. But as it turns out, it was all #30 David Bruton.

Bruton told the media on Monday:

"After the penalty, we were supposed to kick it. I just knew that they were going to give us a look, so I made the audible myself to make the play."

Bruton is not a well known player outside of Broncos Country but he has been a special teams ace since the Broncos drafted him in 2009 and has been voted as team captain by his teammates four years in a row.

How can you not love a guy who is so nonchalant about such a big play?

Bruton: "It's just been a thing a lot of teams practice, and that we have practiced for a while, and no better time than on Sunday Night Football against a division rival and you get the right look for that situation."

When John Fox was asked about the audible he said what a smart and trustworthy player Bruton is for the Broncos and how his experience has earned everyone's trust.

And about that field position?

Fox: "We have parameters, I would say (laughing). I'm not sure it might have happened at [our own] 10. He's a very trustworthy player."

Trustworthy indeed.

Bruton is also extremely active in the Denver community and has some good moves off the field as well. Well done Bruton - the Broncos and their fans are lucky to have you.