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Horse Tracks: Terrance Knighton receives the 2014 Darrent Williams Good Guy Award

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Good Morning Broncos Country!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday night Denver Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton was presented with the eighth-annual Darrent Williams Good Guy Award by Jeff Legwold on behalf of the Denver chapter of Pro Football Writers of America.

This award is given annually to a Broncos player who shares the same enthusiasm, cooperation and honesty while dealing with members of the media.

This award was created in memory of the late Darrent Williams who tragically passed away on New Years Day in 2007.

ESPN's Jeff Legwold presented the award Friday on behalf of the Denver chapter of Pro Football Writers of America.

"It’s a little difficult to believe this is the eighth year we’ve given out this award already. But every year the Denver chapter of the Pro Football Writers [Association], we all vote for what we call the Darrent Williams Good Guy Award, which is essentially an award for accountability, honesty, just being there in good times and bad as we all go through our daily work lives. It isn’t always a great experience for everybody involved. But we always appreciate the guys that do it and do it well. I still have a hard time going in the locker room right now with [QB] Peyton [Manning] in there and not thinking of ‘06 when the Colts won on a field goal, and we all went around Darrent’s locker. He was getting ready and Peyton had picked on him a lot of the second half, including the game winning drive, and we were going to ask him what happened. He turned around, and we asked Darrent one question. I don’t know if you remember, but he said, ‘It’s the great Peyton Manning.’ That was his answer [with a] big smile. But that was kind of Darrent in a nutshell and this year’s winner is Terrance Knighton."

Knighton who's in the midst of his second season with the Denver Broncos has become a leader for the Broncos. The reason he has received this award is because of his availability to the media during the good and bad times, and showing class and just being an overall good guy.

"I want to thank all of you guys for being nice to me with the questions (laughing). It’s an honor, especially when the award is named after a player like Darrent Williams. It’s a sad story what happened to him but it’s a great honor. Obviously, he was a great guy in the locker room, great player, showed up to work every day with enthusiasm and that’s what I try to do and model myself after. I appreciate you guys for embracing me in Denver and all the good things you say, all the bad things you say, I appreciate it. It helps me on the field, and it’s an honor. It’s like my first award in the NFL really so I appreciate you guys and thanks."

Knighton was happy to hear that he has won this award, and he thanked his mother Rochelle Knighton for the way she raised him to be respectful.

"I was just happy to win something for once, you know what I mean? Obviously there’s been a lot of talk about me talking about winning other things but this just means a lot. A lot of my characteristics, my character, I get it from my mom, Rochelle Knighton. I’ve got to say that. She always teaches me to be respectful and give more respect to the people that respect you. I respect you guys a lot and what you guys do and a lot of players don’t, to be honest. I respect everyone in their job and what they do so I give more respect back to the people who respect me."

Knighton is the the eighth defensive player to receive this award. Past winners include John Lynch (2007), Ebenezer Ekuban (2008), Elvis Dumervil (2009), Mario Haggan (2010), Champ Bailey (2011), Wesley Woodyard (2012) and Chris Harris (2013).

Santa Ware:

On Thursday Night Denver Broncos defensive End DeMarcus Ware played Santa Claus and gave out footballs and bikes to about 60 kids.

"When I first came in I saw a little kid outside and they were like, ‘Santa!’ and I asked them if they were naughty or nice and they said ‘I’m actually nice… I actually sent you my Christmas list’ and he whispered it to me," Ware said. "It was funny because he wouldn’t tell his mom but he would tell me. It’s fun to just see that and kids still believe in something and it’s all about faith."

Ware also signed autographs, played games, and talked to the families of these kids.

He shared one of his favorite Christmas memories that was a little embarrassing for him.

"I rolled down the hill with it and skinned myself up, messed up my big wheel but I fixed it, I think that was probably one of the most exciting toys that I’ve had because I still have a bruise right now from riding down the hill," he said laughing. "Christmas day you usually want to play with the toys but I was at home in my bed, just trying to patch up my wounds."

Ware terrorizes quarterbacks on Sunday's but off the field he's a pretty good guy.

Horse Tracks: