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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - Elway or the Highway

Good Morning Broncos Country!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Elway or the Highway

According to Woody Paige John Elway is the driving force behind many of the changes you have seen since the losses to New England and the St. Louis Rams.

- Elway wanted better performance along the offensive line. Subsequently, Will Montgomery would take over at C, Manny Ramirez at RT, and Louis Vasquez at RT.

- He wanted more balance on offense--the Broncos have run the ball more than they have passed it over the last 3

- A more aggressive and attacking defense

- Improvement on Special Teams

- Less penalties

Except for perhaps the penalties that still exist along the offensive line, Elway has seen his team make great strides in each of these areas. They are running the ball the majority of the time the past several weeks, have worked themselves to a +6 in the turnover differential, and have had some quality returns on Special Teams while finally getting some consistency in the kicking game.

Super Bowl or Bust?

Terrance Knighton thinks so--that's partly why he was so adamant about saying "it doesn't matter who we play." The aggressive offseason hints at a championship run, and the fact that the Denver Broncos came so close to the Lombardi last season season certainly means they could do so again right?

There are so many opinions on this matter just from the MHR staff. In my view, making the playoffs is the first goal on the way to many in order to even qualify. The question then becomes, what would you be happy with as a making the playoffs (no matter seeding) good enough?

I suppose for me, the best =goal is to make it to the AFCCG. You win that game and you're in a one game battle for league supremacy and one shot away from the Super Bowl.

How about you Broncos Country, what's your threshold for calling it a "good season?" Is it Super Bowl or Bust for you?

The result of the Coin Toss is inconsequential

Broncos fans have been conditioned to think that if the Broncos don't win the opening toss and defer, that the cosmos goes ape-shit and punishes the Bronco with a loss. Mason takes on this myth in his mailbag, and the results may surprise you...

Since Peyton Manning's arrival, the Broncos are 19-3 (including postseason) when they win and defer their option. When they lose the coin toss and the opponent elects to receive, they're 9-1; when they lose the coin toss and the opponent defers its option, they're 10-4.

The last time the Broncos won the coin toss and elected to receive the opening kickoff was in Week 5 of the 2012 season, at New England. The Broncos won four of the first five coin tosses that year and elected to receive every time; they went 1-3 in these games, although the adjustment to an overhauled offense and the quality of the opposition (the three losses were to Atlanta, Houston and New England, teams that finished a combined 36-12) were more significant factors than the coin toss.

Regardless of winning or losing the toss, the Broncos are 28-4 since the start of the 2012 season when they kick off to start the game, and 11-7 when they receive the opening kickoff (but they are 10-4 since the afore-mentioned 1-3 start).

Horse Tracks

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