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Live Blog - Week 16 NFL Early Games Thread

Happy Sunday, Broncos Country! Plenty of early game action today. I'm going to have to go with the Panthers, Lions, Ravens, Vikings, Saints, Patriots, Steelers, and Packers.
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After yesterday, I am thinking the NFL needs to have more Saturday games in the future. They poached prime baseball time slots, why not start poaching prime college football time slots? First the Washington Redskins upset the Philadelphia Eagles, sealing their playoff fates for 2014. Then you had the exciting finale comeback of the San Diego Chargers playing the role of the cardiac cats in their overtime win against the San Francisco 49ers. I know we all wanted to see the Chargers fail, but good football is good football. And that was good football.

Today, however, I am a New York Jets fan. I am sure they will disappoint, but I'll be rooting on some Eric Decker touchdowns for sure! Outside of that, I need the Baltimore Ravens to see Joe Flacco throw a bunch of touchdowns and their defense get a bunch of turnovers. I am still in play for that $400 prize in my fantasy football league. How about you all? Any "must haves" in your fantasy leagues today?

Let's take a look at the playoff seeding as it currently stands.

Who do you have in these early games?