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Live Blog - Week 16 NFL Late Games Thread

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It's hard to believe two more weekends and we'll be watching playoff football. For the rest of the games today, I'm picking the Rams, Cowboys, Bills and Seahawks to win.
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The marquee game this afternoon is the game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Dallas Cowboys. It's of personal interest to me due to fantasy football as I have Dez Bryant and my opponent has Tony Romo. So essentially, I need all of Romo's touchdown passes to go to Bryant and add a few interceptions to go along with those scores. That would be my perfect world.

The Sunday Night Football game will interesting too as the Arizona Cardinals defense has been playing as well or better than the Seattle Seahawks defense over the last month or so, but few national pundits are talking about that. Still, the quarterback position has me greatly worried about the Cardinals. I still hope they win, but I must pick the Seahawks along with everyone else.

As far as the playoffs are concerned, if the Colts lose this afternoon then the Denver Broncos can clinch a first round bye in the playoffs with a win on Monday Night Football over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Who do you have in these late games?