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John Fox talks about the Broncos' 28-37 loss to the Bengals

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Fox finds the silver linings in Denver's Week 16 loss.

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A short week from Monday Night Football won't even give Coach John Fox and the Broncos time to review the filmas a team, Fox said Tuesday, as the Broncos prepare to hit the practice field Wednesday. But Fox looked at it as he could.

"It was pretty much true to form from what I felt after the game," Fox said. "I watched it on the return flight. I think [there are] obviously some areas that we need to improve in but the reality of it is we played a playoff football team at their place and we were minus-2 in the turnover ratio. I think [we] handed over 200 yards in hidden yardage, whether it was return game or off interceptions. We had a chance to win the game. [We] led in the fourth quarter 28-27; I think that's the silver lining. The reality is we have to get better and I believe we will."

When asked further about Denver's special teams struggles, Fox was quick to reflect and praise the Cincinnati Bengals.

"I think you've got to give them some credit," said Fox. "They have good execution and we didn't execute as well. That's true and it was true in all three phases. We gave up an 85-yard explosive run. We haven't done that all season. Every time we would gain a little momentum we would do something to give them some momentum back, not taking anything away from their football team. Like I said, they're in the playoffs too. It's not like they're a bad football team. Just on the turnover ratio alone, you're going to have some issues. It was a nine-point game and we had our chances all the way up to the end."

T.J. Ward's MRI returned negative and he's day-to-day

More nuggets from Fox:

  • T.J. Ward's MRI returned negative, Fox said. "He has a neck strain and he'll be day-to-day."
  • Fox said there was a "strong likelihood" he would be sending in tape to the league office to review the Demaryius Thomas facemask call. Bill Vinovich, everybody.
  • Fox did highlight some positives for the Broncos. "I think if you look at the meaningful statistics as it relates to quarterbacks, I think (Peyton Manning is) probably in the top five in the National Football League, which we're pleased with... I think our red zone defense as outstanding... Our third down defense was outstanding."

"It wasn't all horrible," continued Fox. "The sky is not falling. We're not getting ready to give up our quarterback, he's fine. We're all going to get better."

Thanks to Broncos PR for providing the quotes.