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NFL coaching carousel: Broncos will have several decisions to make in 2015

Denver may have to replace a coordinator or two this offseason.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Black Monday — the day after the final week of the regular season when struggling head coaches are often fired — is quickly approaching. Once the dust settles, the 2015 coaching carousel will be spinning in full force.

This year, Denver will be in the midst of nearly all coaching candidate conversations.

Here's a breakdown of some of the names to watch this offseason and beyond:

Outside of Denver

Mike McCoy

In San Diego, former Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy has the Chargers poised for their second-straight playoff berth. He hasn't been flawless, however. San Diego is 18-13 since McCoy arrived and a quick Twitter search reveals that many Chargers fans are frustrated with the conservative John Fox understudy. McCoy is not on the hot seat, but he may be in 2015 if he can't turn in his first 10-win season.

Josh McDaniels

Everybody deserves a second chance, right? Josh McDaniels ran Denver into the ground as a young head coach, but after a four years assisting in New England, McDaniels has reemerged as a head coaching candidate. Maybe McD has learned from his mistakes in Denver?

Mike and Kyle Shanahan

Another former Broncos coach, Mike Shanahan, has indicated that he would be interested in returning to coaching for a contender. Shanny, of course, would prefer to coach with his son Kyle, who is currently the offensive coordinator for the Browns. Both of the Shanahans will be coaches to watch following Black Monday.

Denver's staff

John Fox

It would be ludicrous to suggest Denver move on from John Fox, right? He's the first AFC West head coach since John Madden to win four consecutive division titles and Denver has gone 45-18 since he arrived. Yet, the Broncos have been unable to win a Super Bowl under Fox, who certainly has his flaws. Fox is likely to stick around for at least 2015. If he doesn't deliver a championship soon, he will deservedly be on the hot seat.

Adam Gase

After turning down interviews in 2013, Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase will again be one of the top head coaching candidates following Black Monday. It will be hard for a team to lure Gase out of Denver, but there's a real possibility it will happen. Norv Turner and Gary Kubiak have been mentioned as potential replacements for Gase, but both are already employed (in Minnesota and Baltimore, respectively).

Jack Del Rio

With former head coaching experience, Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio will continue to be a candidate to land another top gig. Unlike McDaniels, Del Rio posted a respectable record (68-71) with his former team, Jacksonville. Also in contrast to McDaniels, Del Rio's former team has struggled since he left (9-38). If Del Rio does leave Denver, Rex Ryan would be a potential candidate to replace him. Ryan has already cleaned out his office in New Jersey, expecting to lose his head coaching job.

Are you pleased with the job John Fox and Co. have done in Denver? Are fans overly critical, or has Fox underachieved? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.