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Fantasy football 2014: Did you win a championship?

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By now, the fantasy football dust has settled, and you're either a champion... or you're not.

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Were you bathed in glory and riches for your fantasy football prowess in 2014, or mired in ignominy for your struggles from Week 3? Did you effectively pursue the chase for your league's title and make the playoffs, or did postseason plans escape you?

How many Denver Broncos players did you draft, trade for, trade away, and use on a week-to-week basis?

Let it out. Or brag it up.

Did you have Peyton Manning? If you did, and if your championship was last week, you probably didn't do so hot. Manning threw two touchdowns and for over 300 yards, but he also threw four interceptions.

Did you pick up C.J. Anderson off the waiver wire and enjoy those returns for being a shrewd Broncos fan?

This is an open thread. Talk about your fantasy football season here. Let it out. We're here for you (or brag it up, if you won it all - though we may ask for a screenshot to prove it).

And if you didn't win a fantasy football championship this year, guess what - you have one more chance (see below).

Editor's Note: FanDuel is hosting a $600,000 fantasy football league for SBNation. It's $5 to join and first place wins $50,000. League starts Sunday 1 PM ET and ends on Monday. Here's the link.