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Horse Tracks: Five bold predictions for the Denver Broncos today

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Usually, I leave the bold predictions for Bronco Mike, but he is finishing up a week away from blogging. So the weight of this task has fallen to me.

#1 A Curb Stompin'

My first big bold prediction is that the Denver Broncos are going to curb stomp the Oakland Raiders. This is bold, because the division rivals tend to play each other tough despite the massive talent gap. However, the Broncos should be fairly pissed off today and looking to regain some playoff-level confidence to close out the 2014 regular season. Final Score: Broncos 45, Raiders 10.

#2 Manning Wins

Peyton Manning will bring out the passing game again and close out the season atop both of the most important quarterback stats. Yards and Touchdowns. Currently, he sits at 4,454 yards passing (4th place, 217 yards behind 1st) and 39 touchdowns (1st). By days end, Manning will top 4800 yards and 44 touchdowns on the year, barely edging out whoever comes in second in yards.

#3 DT Also Wins

Since we're on individual records, Demaryius Thomas will also beat out the rest of the wide receivers in the NFL in both yards and touchdown receptions. He will break Rod Smith's record for receiving yardage to boot. He is 66 yards behind the league leader in receiving yards and three touchdowns behind Dez Bryant in touchdown receptions. He won't catch Antonio Brown's ridiculous 122 catch season, but he will hold onto that number two spot. By days end, Thomas will have 1700 yards receiving, over 110 catches and 15 touchdowns. Kill the Raiders!

#4 He-Manuel Shines

I just can't exclude Emmanuel Sanders from this love fest. He too will have a huge day, though not quite as big of a finish as Demaryius Thomas. Still, he'll end the 2014 season with over 100 catches, 1400 yards and 10 touchdowns. Not quite as bold as Demaryius Thomas' prediction, but hey, there are only so many yards, catches and touchdowns to go around here.

#5 Broncos D will feast

Derek Carr is one of the leagues hardest to sack quarterbacks, but not today. Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware will close out the season with five sacks between the two of them. This will put them at 28 on the season - a respectable number for the top pass rushing duo in the NFL. The Broncos defense will also feast on a number of turnovers to turn the game into a straight rout not long after halftime.

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