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Live Blog - Week 17 NFL Early Games Thread

Sadly, we have reached the final regular season weekend of the 2014 NFL season. Few teams have more to play for this morning than the San Diego Chargers and I think they handle their business. I went with the Ravens, Texans, Chargers, Dolphins, Patriots, Vikings, Giants, Saints, Cowboys and Colts here in the early game slot.
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Really, there are only two games of significance this morning and that is the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers and the game that the Baltimore Ravens play against the Cleveland Browns. Win and the Chargers are in, lose and the door opens for the Ravens.

And if both the Ravens and Chargers lose, then the Houston Texans have a chance to slip into the playoffs. Wait, there's more! If the Ravens, Chargers and Texans all lose then the Kansas City Chiefs slip into the back door of the back door to get into the tournament. Hail Mary's have happened before in Week 17, so it should be interesting to say the least since all of these teams play during the early time slot.

As for the NFC, all that is at stake really is seeding. The NFC South representative will be determined this afternoon when the Carolina Panthers take on the Atlanta Falcons for the embarrassing 2014 NFC South division title.

Who do you have in these early games?