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Live Blog: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos - First Half

It's all about that first round bye today, but it would also be nice to see some of our star players achieve some of my bold predictions from this morning. But at the end of the day, the Broncos just need to beat the Raiders and we'll all be happy.
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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Oakland Raiders
Sunday, December 28, 2014 - 2:25 PM MDT
Denver Broncos




25th Pass Off. 4th
32nd Rush Off. 16th
14th Pass Def. 12th
21st Rush Def. 2nd
3-12 Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO 11-4
4th AFC West Spread: -14 1st AFC West

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The Denver Broncos must win to secure a first round bye in the playoffs, so the Oakland Raiders will not get an easy opponent today. Peyton Manning and the offense need to get back into sync, because all of the changes in scheme late in the season has many of us growing grey hairs in worry.

It's also time for Julius Thomas to get himself back into the mix on offense, especially in the red zone. It has been a difficult adjustment with him nursing a high ankle sprain for nearly two months now. Wait, Bill Vinovich isn't the referee today is he? Okay, whew.

Bronco fans should also take notice that today may very well be the last day we witness the Raiders with a double-digit loss season for the next few years at least. Derek Carr has the makings of a pretty darn good quarterback and their defense is starting to come together. We have nothing to worry about as long as Manning is around, but soon the AFC West will become a very equitable division in the NFL.

That can only be a good thing as for as I am concerned. As much as I hate the Raiders, its always more fun when the rivalry is heated by two competitive football teams. The last time that was the case was during the John Elway years in the 1980s and early 1990s. It was always a dogfight back then. Good times.

Prediction: Broncos 45, Raiders 10.

What is your prediction, Broncos Country?

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