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NFL Playoff schedule and seeding set after week 17 results

With the Steeler victory at home against the Bengals, the final pieces of the AFC playoff picture have been set.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
AFC Playoff Picture
Seed Team Record
1 NE New England Patriots 12-4
2* DEN Denver Broncos 12-4
3 IND Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5
4 IND Indianapolis Colts 11-5
5 CIN Cincinnati Bengals 10-5-1
6 BAL Baltimore Ravens 10-6

New England won the head to head tiebreaker over the Denver Broncos by virtue of their 43-21 home victory during the season. Same situation with Pittsburgh and Indianapolis.

The Denver Broncos will face the highest remaining seed after next week's Wild Card round plays out. That means the Broncos will face Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, or Cincinnati at home during the Divisional round.

Here is the playoff schedule going forward:

WildCard Round

Saturday, January 3rd

(5) Cardinals @ (4) Panthers, 2:25 PM MST (ESPN)

(6) Ravens @ (3) Steelers, 6:15 PM MST (NBC)

Sunday, January 4th

(5) Bengals @ (4) Colts, 11:05 AM MST (CBS)

(6) Detriot @ (3) Cowboys, 2:20 PM MST (FOX)

Divisional round

Saturday, January 10th

Ravens/Bengals/Colts @ (1) Patriots, 2:35 PM MST (NBC)

Lions/Panthers/Cardinals @ (1) Seahawks, 6:15 PM MST (FOX)

Sunday, January 11th

Cowboys/Panthers/Cardinals @ (2) Packers, 11:05 AM MST (FOX)

Bengals/Steelers/Colts @ (2) Broncos, 2:40 PM MST (CBS)

The Broncos will receive the extra day of rest, playing on Sunday afternoon rather than Saturday evening. Which opponent would you like to see first Broncos Country?

Let the tournament begin!