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Peyton Manning misses Broncos practices during bye week

And that's okay.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

I like to think of Peyton Manning as an "old young man." He still plays football every day, so while he's relatively old compared to his compatriots, he's playing a young man's game.

Tuesday and Wednesday this week, this old young man decided his legs and arms needed a bit of rest as the Broncos enjoy a well-earned playoff bye. Manning skipped both of the Broncos' practice sessions this week.

He wasn't alone. Other Broncos players sitting out both practices include Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, David Bruton, Orlando Franklin, and more.

Should we be concerned?


As detailed here, the Broncos needed this playoff bye. They have been thoroughly banged up since their Week 4 bye. Skipping practice gives Manning's thigh, Demaryius' ankle and fingers, Sanders' hip, and more players' heads, shoulders, knees, and toes time to rest, heal, and get ready for a week of work.

Next week.

This week, rest up, old young men and young young men. A postseason battle awaits.