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Horse Tracks: Let's not overlook the Buffalo Bills

Good Morning Broncos Country!

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that the Denver Broncos have fixed their offensive line woes just in time to take on Mario Williams and the Buffalo Bills stout defensive line who are arguably the best in the entire league.

A few weeks back the Broncos were coming off an embarrassing loss to the St. Louis Rams. Their offensive line was in disarray, their running game was non-exsistent, and the offense lacked an identity. Two weeks later the Broncos appear to have cured those woes. The offensive line play have improved, C.J Anderson has bursted onto the scene, and the Broncos have become a much more balanced team.

This weekend the Broncos will be hosting a very good Buffalo Bills defense that has their eyes set on slowing down the Broncos offense. The Bills defense leads the league in sacks(48), they have allowed the second fewest points in the league(18.1), 7th in rush defense(96.3), 5th in pass defense(216.1), and 5th in total yards given up per game(312.4).

The Broncos offensive line will need to keep Mario Williams, Jerry Hughes, Marcel Dareus, and Kyle Williams from getting to and pressuring Peyton Manning on Sunday.

The Bills have three players ranked in the top 10 in sacks so far in 2014. Mario Williams has 12, Marcel Dareus has 10, and Jerry Hughes has 9.5 sacks. Kyle Williams also has 5 sacks so far this season.

Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning knows he's in for a tough test this Sunday.

"They have an excellent defense. We are still getting to know them. They are an unfamiliar opponent like Miami. It’s always a challenge trying to get to know them during the week and I don’t know if you ever really get to know them until you play them and try to get to know them during the course of the game. It’s different when you’re playing in Kansas City when you line up and you recognize all 11 guys and what they’re doing. So it is a challenge when you’re playing an unfamiliar opponent. They are playing really well together, creating a lot of problems for teams on the early downs and getting teams into third and longs. They just seem to be playing really well together as a unit. That’s helping their team win some games."

If the Broncos want to come away with a victory this sunday they will need to slow down the Bills pass rush, and continue running the ball effectively.

Now this won't be the first time the Denver Broncos have faced a team that's highly ranked on the defensive side of the ball. They have played four other teams(Cardinals, Dolphins, and Chiefs twice) ranked in top six in points allowed on defense this season. The Broncos record is 4-1. Their only loss was to the Seattle Seahawks.

Another thing the Broncos have in their favor is their home field advantage. The Broncos are currently undefeated at home, and have played much better at home then they have on the road.

Peyton Manning plays his best when playing at home at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. He controls the crowd noise which allows him to do all his audibles, and work the silent count on offense.

Running back C.J Anderson who has totaled 335 yards on the ground over the past two games will be key for the Broncos on Sunday. The Bills run defense will be the toughest test for Anderson so far this season, but he's ready for it.

"Buffalo has a good defense. They lead the league in sacks. I think Miami did when they came here, too. If we just focus on us and execute the way we know we execute and the way we want, the outcome will be what we want it to be."

The key to this game is whether or not the Bills pass rushers can get after Manning on Sunday. If they can get Manning uncomfortable and make him start forcing things, and make the Broncos offense one dimensional we could see a repeat of the St. Louis. If not it could be a long Sunday afternoon for the Buffalo Bills.

Oh yeah, thankfully the Bills have Kyle Orton on the other side.

Go Broncos!

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