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Thursday Night Football: Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears
Thursday, December 4, 2014
6:25 PM MDT
Dallas Cowboys




14th Pass Off. 17th
26th Rush Off. 3rd
30th Pass Def. 20th
10th Rush Def. 22nd
5-7 Soldier Field, Chicago, IL 8-4
3rd NFC North Spread: -4.5 (DAL) 2nd NFC EAST

A small part of me wants to take a chance and go with the Chicago Bears tonight to beat the Dallas Cowboys, but that would just be too big of a risk. Jay Cutler will find a way to screw things up and that Bears defense will not hold Tony Romo and that offense to less than 30 points, so I'm going to go with MHR's Pete Baron who had this to say:

Dallas Cowboys (8-4) at Chicago Bears (5-7) TNF
On the surface, this game looks easy to pick. Yes, Dallas is the more talented team, and yes, Chicago loves to shoot themselves in the foot. However, I'm not sure any team loves to shoot themselves in the foot more than the Cowboys do in the month of December. Oh, look, it's December! Prediction: Cowboys 23, Bears 16

The only caveat is that his score is way too optimistic for how horrible that Bears defense is. I'm going with a slightly higher scoring affair, but with the same result. Prediction: Cowboys 31, Bears 24.

Who do you have in today's matchup?