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Denver Broncos vs. Buffalo Bills: TV Broadcast Map (NFL Week 14, CBS)

Courtesy of here's a broadcast map for the Broncos/Bills Week 14 game. If you're in the BLUE you'll get the game on your local CBS station this Sunday. Kickoff is 2:05PM MT.

It's Kyle Orton, AKA Bills, week!

The 9-3 Denver Broncos are preparing to take on the 7-5 Buffalo Bills this weekend at Mile High Stadium. Orton is clearly feeling nostalgic about the Mile High City. During a press conference call earlier this week there reportedly was this exchange:

If you're in the BLUE (dark blue)you'll get the Broncos game without the aid of a sport bar or Sunday Ticket. Sorry Alaska and Hawaii this week you're in the RED. Here's a breakdown of the map.

CBS Early games [game/commentators]:

RED (AK/HI) - Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati - Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts

GREEN - Baltimore @ Miami - Andrew Catalon, Steve Tasker, Steve Beuerlein

YELLOW - NY Jets @ Minnesota - Spero Dedes, Solomon Wilcots

AQUA (light blue) - Houston @ Jacksonville - Brian Anderson, Adam Archuleta

CBS Late games [game/commentators]:

BLUE - Buffalo @ Denver - Kevin Harlan, Rich Gannon

PURPLE - Kansas City @ Arizona - Greg Gumbel, Trent Green

Who's got something to prove this Sunday?

Every week there are players on both teams who go into the game feeling that they need to step up their game because of something that happened the previous game or sometime else in the past.

Buffalo Bills

The easy pick here: the Bills' QB Kyle Orton. Obviously Orton would love to have a great game against his former team. Even more so I'm guessing Orton would like to show the fans at Mile High Stadium a thing or two after having to endure who knows how many TE-BOW! chants while he was the Broncos QB.

Fair or not, when I think or Kyle Orton I think of one thing - 2nd and 8. Because I feel like that was the result over and over again after every Broncos first down with Orton.

I have no idea why those particular numbers have stayed with me - or even if they are remotely accurate. But those numbers tell a story. The Broncos (and their fans) felt like they just weren't going anywhere with Orton.

I certainly have nothing against Orton as a player and in many ways am happy to see him succeed. It can't be easy bouncing around from team to team like he has over the last few years. So as soon as we get past Sunday's game, I am going to officially wish Orton the very best. Especially in week 16 against the Patriots.

Denver Broncos

Oh, Bubba.

I was so happy when Andre "Bubba" Caldwell was re-signed last spring. It seemed like a great idea to have a receiver who had already earned Peyton Manning's trust as an option, especially if another Broncos receiver was injured. I also thought he would do a great job returning punts.

Let's just be blunt. Caldwell has been a bit of a mess this year on both special teams and as a receiver. I don't know what's going on with him but this Sunday would be a great time for Caldwell to shine. With both Julius Thomas and now Demaryius Thomas, limited in practice, and Cody Latimer still not seeing much action, nothing would make me happier than to have Manning gush about Bubba in the post-game press conference.

Speaking of special teams, I think Isaiah Burse is due to run back a kickoff for a touchdown. I'm liking Burse more and more as the season goes on.

I think Britton Colquitt should punt for his job against the Bills. And I think it will be interesting to see how Connor Barth handles kickoffs. For Barth so many things are different - it's not his first game back, he's at home, at mile high, and so far it's not supposed to be windy on Sunday.

The Broncos Special Teams Unit has been a disappointment this season. Hopefully they will channel whatever David "I'm going to audible a fake punt at Arrowhead on the wrong side of the field just because I can" Bruton has been channeling and plays lights out to quiet their critics.

The Denver Broncos are 15-20-1 all-time against the Buffalo Bills. Kickoff is scheduled at 2:05PM MT.