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CJ Anderson is named FedEx ground player of the week

Anderson is putting up some big numbers in the Broncos backfield!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The past couple of weeks Anderson has rushed for 335 yards on 59 carries (4.9 yards per carry). He's ranked 4th in the NFL in yards after contact at 2.7 (leader at 3.2).

If I had one word to describe his running style, it would be "violent."

Anderson has provided a dimension to the Broncos offense that it had sorely lacked since training camp. When asked about CJ's contributions to the team, Peyton Manning heaped praise upon the young player:

"C.J., his ability to make some guys miss the past couple weeks I think has really been special the past couple weeks, has made a big difference, there's no question the guys up front have done a heck of a job, he's made some really good cuts....Sometimes there's been a guy in the hole that he's simply made him miss and that's either allowed him to spring for a big run and so, as they say, that can be hard to coach and hard to teach and that's a real credit to him and it's been fun to watch."

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What sticks out to me is his ability to stop and go. Watch how he sets up the linebacker on this touchdown grab.

Peyton Manning touchdown to C.J. Anderson at Chiefs

All it takes is some motion to the outside before he utilizes a nice jump step back to the inside. He's also not one to be taken down by arm tackles.

Since wooing fans in the preseason last year, CJ has patiently waited while a handful of other backs have taken their respective turns running the ball in a Peyton-Manning led offense. I remember way back CJ said something to the effect that "once I get this rock ain't no one gonna take it from me." He keeps playing like this, and he will be a special Bronco for years to come.

Congratulations to CJ for his award--he's definitely earned it. Hopefully he keeps the ball rolling.