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Join us in Mile High Report's Week 14 FanDuel league

Join MHR's FanDuel league for Week 14 and win cash prizes!

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Emmanuel Sanders could see an abundance of points in Week 14 with DT potentially missing from the lineup.
Emmanuel Sanders could see an abundance of points in Week 14 with DT potentially missing from the lineup.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This week, as we did a few weeks ago, Mile High Report will be hosting a FanDuel weekly fantasy football league. The league will feature up to 55 teams, with the Top 10 winning cash! The top 10 teams in this week's league will be paid portions of the total $250.00 cash prize, with the top team winning $50, with incrementally smaller payments for 2nd, 3rd, 4th...10th.

In case you're not familiar with what FanDuel or daily fantasy football is, this is how it works:

Each entrant gets $60,000 in salary cap funds to spend on a nine-player roster comprised of: one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, a kicker, and a team defense. The $60,000 can be allotted in any manner, as long as you have a fully playable roster.

The best part about daily fantasy leagues is that you can play whenever you want, and you can play in as many leagues as you'd like to. Mile High Report's Week 14 league will cost you just $5 as an entry fee; as mentioned above, you could win up to 10X your money, as the top player will take home $50.

I, for one will be participating in MHR's league this week, and my team will look something like this (pending game-day changes):

FanDuel Lineup

For those playing in MHR's league and any other daily fantasy leagues, here are some tips for which Broncos to target:

1. Emmanuel Sanders is expensive, but is worth the pretty penny. Sanders will set you back $8,800, but for good reason; Demaryius Thomas left practice earlier in the week with an ankle injury, and missed Thursday's practice, signaling a chance that he misses this week's game against the Bills. Regardless of whether Demaryius plays, he won't likely be at 100%, and Sanders should benefit from this with some extra targets against a very average Bills secondary. Because FanDuel uses PPR (point per reception) scoring, Sanders should be a solid pick.

2. The Broncos defense is undervalued this week, making them quite the nice defensive sleeper. Fantasy defense is all about creating sacks, causing turnovers, and preventing points. The Broncos' pass rush has a nice match-up against a Bills offensive line that isn't very strong, and the Bills are likely to be missing stud rookie receiver Sammy Watkins. Without Watkins, Kyle Orton will be forced to complete passes to inferior receivers, which could lead to interceptions, or could lead to him holding the ball long enough for the Broncos' pass rushers to get to him. Factor in the fact that the Broncos' run defense got back on track last week against the Chiefs, and you've got to think that Denver shouldn't give up many points to the Bills offense. For just $4700 (the cheapest defensive unit is $4500), the Broncos defensive unit appears to be a steal.

Julius Thomas appears to be on track to play in Week 14

3. Julius Thomas could make a return to the end-zone. Julius appears to be on track to play in Week 14, and he should see some red-zone targets, especially after the Broncos struggled last week in that area without him. Thomas would also benefit from Demaryius' potential absence, which would make him the bona-fide number one red-zone target this week, and would likely mean more snaps split wide off the offensive line.

Anyone wishing to join the MHR fantasy league can follow the link here. Good luck, and may the best (or luckiest) fantasy player win!