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Horse Tracks: C.J. Anderson specializing in yards after contact

Good Morning Broncos Country

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

One thing that has made C.J. Anderson successful the past few weeks has been his ability to gain yards after contact. Last week against the Kansas City Chiefs Anderson averaged 2.81 yards after contact per rush. The league average 1.82 yards after contact per rush. Since taking over for the injured Ronnie Hillman, Anderson only trails Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris in yards after contact.

Anderson is basically a bowling ball. He uses his low center of gravity to bounce off defenders. He also uses a bit of science.

"I remember watching film of Jamaal Charles, and he's a great runner. But he's taking hits to his upper body constantly," said Anderson, "I am not doing that. No, no, no. I look for the edge on you to create glancing contact."

Anderson uses his vision to keep his body in good position to avoid big hits from defenders. Also his frame(5'8, 224lbs) makes it hard for defenders to get a square hit on him.

Thanks to Anderson and his recent success the Broncos offense is back rolling, and will look to continue their success on the ground this Sunday against a tough Buffalo Bills defense.

"They’re all major. No matter who we play they’re all major. Buffalo has a good defense. They lead the league in sacks. I think Miami did when they came here, too. If we just focus on us and execute the way we know we execute and the way we want, the outcome will be what we want it to be."

Tebow Chants?:

One part of home field advantage is having the crowd be loud and get into the head of the opponent. Well there's one fun/simple way for the home crowd to get into the head of Buffalo Bills quarterback Kyle Orton this Sunday.

When Orton takes the field for the first time Sunday afternoon the home crowd should give out a big "TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBOWWWWWWWWW" chant.

Naturally this will be followed by "IN-COM-PLETE" chant.

So if you're going to the game Sunday or know someone who is, make sure to pass this along to them.

Horse Tracks: