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Horse Tracks: Broncos vs. Bills - 3 Bold Predictions

Happy gameday Broncos Country, here are 3 bold predictions for today's matchup. '

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Orton will hear a cheer for 1st time at Mile High

Ok maybe not the first-folks probably gave him some cheers when they beat New England at home in overtime. But instead of a choruses of "boos" or even choruses of "Tebow," I believe Mile High will show Orton some love. Why? Without his feeble attempt to succeed as a higher-level signal here in Denver, we would not have played Tim Tebow. Had we not played Tim Tebow, there would have been no incentive for Peyton Manning to trust that the coaches were adaptable. Without that, Peyton Manning signs with the Titans. So soak our gratitude up Kyle, it's the only time you're likely to experience it.

Broncos OL will not allow a sack by the Bills

The most pronounced strength of the Buffalo Bills will be shut down by a unit that just a month ago looked like the worst in the NFL. What a turn around, or "Renaissance" the Broncos OL has experienced. The key will undoubtedly be inside where Marcel Dareus and Kyle Williams are both capable of being very explosive. ,\

Three is better than two

It's unfortunate the Broncos have to have a kickoff specialist along with a field goal kicker and punter. The swap for Burse however ain't no big thang. Now the Broncos have a special teams unit that is poised to contribute in a way that will help the team win games going forward. Field position is huge, scoring points is a must.

My Prediction

Broncos 31 Bills 10

Horse Tracks

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