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Denver Broncos playoff scenarios updated for Week 15

Here's how it breaks down for the Denver Broncos and the playoffs this week.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos clinch the AFC West with:

1) DEN win or tie

1st round bye with:

1) DEN win + IND loss + CIN loss + PIT loss or tie

2) DEN win + IND loss + CIN loss (clinches strength of victory tiebreaker over the Steelers)

A playoff spot with:

1) DEN win or tie (obv)

2) MIA loss or tie + HOU loss or tie + CIN loss + PIT loss

3) MIA loss or tie + HOU loss or tie + BAL loss + CLE loss or tie

4) MIA loss or tie + HOU loss or tie + BAL loss + PIT win

To sum it up, if the Broncos take care of business in San Diego they will clinch the AFC West and ensure themselves nothing lower than a 4 seed. If they lose, however, they can clinch a playoff spot  with a lot of help. It would be very interesting if the Broncos could wrap up a 1st round bye next week. Now that we've shown you how it can happen Sunday, here are the slate of games that can affect the Broncos postseason destiny:

Texans @ Colts (11 AM)

Bengals @ Browns (11 AM)

Steelers @ Falcons (11 AM)

Dolphins @Patriots (11 AM)

Jaguars @ Ravens (11 AM)

Or you could just root for the Broncos and Dolphins. A Bronco win plus a Patriot loss would move the Broncos back into the #1 seed with two games to play.  That's the scenario I'll be rooting for next week.

Looking Ahead

Of course the Broncos only need one more win in the next three weeks to clinch the West--no matter who the opponent is. Likewise, two more victories would ensure the Broncos a playoff bye on wildcard weekend.

On to Whale's Vagina!!!