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Super Bowl 2014 Six Pack: One More Day and Puppies Predict Broncos

One more sleep and its Super Sunday, Broncos fans! The wait is finally almost over! Our top news story today is that puppies like the Denver Broncos more than the Seattle Seahawks. And why not, we all know the Seahawks are lame.
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Tom Pennington

SB Nation 2014 NFL Playoff Coverage

1. Give Yourself a High Five

A buddy of mine whom I've also worked with for about three years has this website called Instant High Five. It's a pretty neat gag website, but he texted me this week to let me know he made a slight modification for me this week. I must say, it's a freaking awesome little gag website now.

Being the only Denver Broncos fan he knows, I thought that was pretty cool of him to pimp it out for Broncos fans. Turn your sound on though, as that doubles the awesomeness.

2. Who Has Goosebumps?

Or Goose pimples? Who calls them that anyway? I've seen it on Hollywood movies, but I am pretty sure I would look at someone quizzically if they dropped the "goose pimple" phrase on me. Anyway, I'm definitely excited and already have enough Coors Light to sustain me from morning to night on Sunday.

3. John Elway is the Man

Judy Batista over at wrote a nice summary of John Elway's second act in Denver. I briefly overlooked her dastardly pick of the Seattle Seahawks for the Super Bowl yesterday and read through the entire in-depth article.

I came away from the article having every bit of my opinion of John Elway the President of Football Operations reinforced and validated. I love Pat Bowlen, but if Joe Ellis isn't like John Elway as far as management style and people relations, then I would hope Elway some how becomes more involved in the guiding force of ownership. I am convinced that would add another 30 years of stability and excellence to this franchise - long enough for me to live out the rest of my days enjoying Broncos football.

And yes, it does all come down to me. I selfishly want this franchise to remain the class organization of the NFL for the rest of my life. Oh, and where is John Elway, a Football Life already? They need to freaking going on that production...

4. Roger Goodell is Greedy

Apparently the drama of the playoffs needs to be diluted so the NFL can make more money. This disgusts me and I personally hope the owners will not go for it, but I suspect they will. They will all see the dollar signs and pass it for implementation either next year or the year after.

When something is perfect. Why screw with it? I felt the move to four teams per division and six playoff teams from each conference was about as perfect a system as you could get. All teams get rewarded for taking care of their division, and we still have a wild card system in place for teams that fought hard and deserve a chance at playoff redemption even though they lost their division title chance.

Greed. Roger Goodell doesn't care that the set up is perfect. It's all about meeting growth demands every year - just like Presidents and the economy. There can be no stall in that vertical line of profits apparently.

5. Broncos Own Momentum

In case you missed it, MHR member California MusicFan posted a nice review of how Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos have dominated momentum in most of their games in 2013. This is something I've mentioned in game threads many times and was just too lazy to see if it was factually true, so thank you CMF for not being lazy and getting this data into a table for us!

Basically, the Broncos score in bunches. The streaks are really impressive too. In fact, the Broncos scored 20+ consecutive points in TEN of their games this year. Yes, that would be TEN. The number ten. 10. They also scored four touchdowns or more in five of those games. It's ridiculous, I know.

However, they have also failed to score more than two touchdowns in a row on four occasions in 2013. The Broncos are 2-2 in those contests, so getting on a roll is something I'll be pulling for tomorrow afternoon.

6. Puppies Love Broncos

Yesterday we had a psychic Manatee predicting the Broncos will win and today we have adorable little puppies picking the Broncos. Considering these cute little pups are about as intelligent as anyone writing for or talking on NFL Network, I like our chances!

Horse Tracks

  • put out a post talking about how the Denver Broncos could win the Super Bowl, but I'm sure they had to farm this work out to a contractor, since anyone working for is unable to provide any kind of proper analysis.
  • I laid the wood on last night in the comments section of this post. They make fun of Broncos fans and insinuate we are not enjoying this week, but really, how would they know anything about us? It's Seahawks 24/7 up in there.
  • Speaking of Seahawks 24/7, rolled out with their love fest of Russell Wilson right on cue with this fluff piece on how great he is at managing the Seahawks to victories.
  • ProFootballFocus keeps breaking down the Super Bowl XLVIII matchup with Richard Sherman and how he has only been targeted twice on 74 passing snaps in the playoffs. I suspect that changes tomorrow. Then PFF put out one on Peyton Manning and how he has completed more deep passes than any other quarterbackin 2013. So much for the ducks, Dick.
  • John Fox moved practice indoors because the outdoor field was hard, so Fox Sports throws down the "finesse" label as a way to generate some angry clicks. It's called avoiding injuries, but hey, I've been known to title my posts to enrage the masses.
  • Pete Carroll is the most annoying head coach in football. And now he wants to steal some of the Broncos points. Damned robber baron is never happy. I do not want to see this man smiling tomorrow.
  • Jeff Legwold correctly points out that the difference in this game may come from the Orange Crush defense. They will need to bring their A game if the Broncos offense struggles at any point tomorrow.
  • Broncos President, Joe Ellis, was interviewed yesterday. I found some interesting tidbits and my overall opinion of him has grown considerably from it.
  • Pete Carroll sees a healthy team after his practice, while John Fox sees few errors and good attitude after theirs.
  • Peter King, after all of his Richard Sherman love and Seattle Seahawks admiration, picks Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl. I suppose that's the power of having a one-on-one with Peyton three days before the Super Bowl.