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Broncos 2014 draft picks: Broncos draft order set for 2014

The Broncos will draft 31st in the 2014 NFL Draft.


The 2014 NFL Draft Order is officially set, and the Denver Broncos will draft 31st overall.

In fact, the Broncos will draft 31st in every round, and they have no other picks.

It's the first time in recent memory that the Broncos have preserved all of their draft picks heading into the offseason, but that is subject to change. Draft-day trades will almost certainly take place for the Broncos, while it's possible they could leverage draft picks as part of any trades for players one the 2014 League Year begins on March 11th.

2014 NFL Draft
Round 1: Thu May 8th
Rounds 2-3: Fri May 9th
Round 4-7: Sat May 10th
Scouting Combine: Sat Feb 22nd - Tue Feb 25th

Broncos 2014 Draft Picks
Rd Pick Overall Pos Player College
1 31 31
2 31 63
3 31 95*
4 31 127*
5 31 159*
6 31 191*
7 31 223*
*Subject to change once compensatory picks are awarded March 23-26.

What positions or players would you like to see the Broncos draft in 2014? What are Denver's greatest areas of need?