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John Elway says Broncos would have no problem drafting Michael Sam

"His announcement will have no effect on how we see him as a football player," Elway said.

Garrett Ellwood

In a bold move, Michael Sam, 2014 NFL draft prospect, has announced he is gay, which will likely make him the NFL's first openly homosexual athlete. Some NFL players have reacted to it - all Broncos have been quiet about it, as far as I can tell, which is fine with me - while a number of NFL team scouting employees told Sports Illustrated (off the record) that Sam's announcement may impact his draft status negatively.

On the record, Broncos Executive Vice President of Football Operations John Elway says this aspect of Sam's personal life will play no factor in Denver's decision whether to draft him.

"I applaud Michael Sam and wish him the very best as he continues the pursuit of his NFL dream," Elway told ABC 7 News in a statement. "As we look toward the combine and the draft, we will evaluate Michael just like any other draft prospect-on the basis of his ability, character and NFL potential. His announcement will have no effect on how we see him as a football player.

"Having spent 16 years in an NFL locker room, the bottom line is that it's about treating others with respect and earning that respect. By all indications, it appears Michael has done just that throughout his football career."

I applaud the applause, and applaud Elway and the Broncos on their stance.