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Grading the 2013 Denver Broncos

Take the survey.


I feel enough time has passed from that dark day against Seattle that we, as fans of the Broncos, should be able to give a somewhat balanced grade of the Broncos players. With that in mind, we've got a survey for you to complete, similar to what we did last offseason - grading the Denver Broncos.

I encourage you to try not to let the disappointment of Super Bowl XLVIII sway you too much, and grade the player on their season as a whole. Also, this isn't grading their importance, or their potential; rather it's only looking at their production (or lack thereof) during the 2013 season.

Each player will be graded in a few different categories depending on his position. Running backs, for example, are graded on overall consistency, running and receiving ability, along with their blocking skill. They will be graded from "A" to "F" using American style grading with a "C" being average, "A" being exceptional and "F" meaning failing. Not every player is listed - backups with little playing time, Peyton Manning - because their grades go without saying. Finally you are able to refresh the page and alter your grades if you wish. If you have a change of heart, no worries.

Thank you for your time.

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