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Six Pack: Denver Broncos blogging pays off for a change

Blogging for your favorite team is often only a labor of love, but every now and then a little love from the mainstream is sent back our way. Kudos to Kyle Montgomery for bringing a little of that love to MHR this week!
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1. MHR Goes Viral

Ole Monty posted an update on Chris Harris Jr. being ahead of schedule with his rehab and it was promptly picked up by the planet Earth. It felt good to see that last night, I won't lie.

Not only that, but picked it up as well. Good job, Monty! Every blogger loves to receive recognition from their drunk step father, the mainstream media.

2. John Elway

Mr. Elway is taking this Executive Vice President of Football Operations/General Manager stuff seriously. He is easily making as big of a mark on this franchise as he ever did as a player. Succeed or fail, this Bronco fan feels truly blessed to have such a great man of Denver leading this franchise the way most of us think it should be led. No one understands what this team means to all of us than one John Elway.

Go Broncos!

3. Introducing From the FanPosts

Since the major SB Nation redesign, my favorite part of was kind of shunned by the new design. FanPosts is what make this website the greatest fan site on Earth, so once the season ended I reached out to Monty to see what we could do to improve the community.

The best idea was implementing this new section and keeping it pinned up near the top of the fold. All of the best FanPosts will get placed in this section - provided I have time - and any that are considered "Hall of Fame" material. Please email me if you have any past posts that you think should be put into this section for curation.

Some of our best contributors to MHR are not even regular staffers and I've made it my mission to make sure our best contributors all get front page love. We'll see how this new idea works, but I am hopeful it achieves exactly what I hope it does - increased visibility and exposure to the best fan community on the net.

4. Drafting the Mock

So again, I drafted as the Houston Texans, but only so I could see what the automated draft selected for the Denver Broncos in the first three rounds. I must say, I was left wanting...

  • Round 1: Loucheiz Purifoy, Cornerback
  • Round 2: Chris Smith, Defensive End
  • Round 3: Paul Richardson, Wide Receiver

5. Diamond Eyes Tribute

Finally, a highlight video that has music that is bearable.

6. Horse Tracks