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Six Pack: Free Agent Louis Delmas to the Denver Broncos?

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This could be one way the Denver Broncos could bolster their much maligned secondary. Another way would be to get a more consistent pass rush.
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1. Cap Casualties a Plenty

A report that the Denver Broncos are interested in Detroit Lions salary cap casualty, Louis Delmas, perked my interested yesterday. When the Lions cut him and Nate Burleson, there was some interest in the latter guy, but a real need for the Broncos is safety.

At just 26 years old, Delmas could pair with Rahim Moore to solidify an outstanding crop of youngsters in the secondary.

2. Olympic Football? No Thanks.

Apparently, adding American football to the schedule in an odd 7 on 7 type of competition doesn't really appeal to me. I get that the Olympics have turned into a spectacle of American self-glorification, but I'd rather stick with what I find interesting and I've watched about three and a half minutes of the Olympics this year so far.

Although, I do find SB Nation's coverage on Facebook to be quite hilarious. Sochi is fitting the bill for the worst place an Olympics has ever been held. Way to give the world the middle finger, Russia! Thank you for making me laugh at least once a day for the last week!

3. Act Professional You Cave Men

Peter King thinks Roger Goodell needs to start earning his $44 million a year salary by making the NFL locker room more professional.

I agree to an extent, but I think it has more to do with quality of ownership and management. We've all worked at companies run by asshats ... why would the NFL be any different?

4. Mocking the Draft

I went with the Houston Texans again to see who would autodraft for the Broncos. The results were not particularly horrible.

  • Round 1: Kyle Fuller, Cornerback
  • Round 2: Scott Crichton, Defensive End
  • Round 3: Brandon Coleman, Wide Receiver

5. Happy Birthday Michael Jordan

Some athlete's transcend sports and Michael Jordan is one of those athlete's. He turned 51 yesterday and Sports Illustrated busted out 100 of their best photos of Jordan in action. Having grown up during the height of his career, I was merely a Chicago Bulls fan because he was so incredible to watch. Basketball, for me anyway, has degraded significantly over the years to the point where I may only watch one or two games of the NBA Finals for the entire season. But back in the late 1980's and early 1990's, the NBA rivaled the NFL for my attention at times and MJ was a big part of that.

6. Horse Tracks