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Six Pack: Cornerback market starting to clear picture for DRC?

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1. DeAngelo Hall signs 4-year deal worth 20 million

The details are missing, and though you know better than to take an NFL contract at face value, Hall is scheduled to make about 5 million per season. Last season Hall finished with a -3.0 grade in coverage. He was targeted 94 times allowing 60 receptions for 726 yards for 4 touchdowns. He also intercepted 4 passes and had 9 PD.

In comparison, DRC graded out +11.0 in pass coverage with 40 receptions on 85 targets, 565 yards, 3 touchdowns, with 3 interceptions and 12 PD.

DRC is younger and more skilled at this point. You have to figure that any contract the Broncos will give him will pay more and could be somewhere in the 6-7 million dollar range. I say sign the man up to something like that--you'll have the money once Elway cuts some fat.

2. Champ, Dreessen, Kuper, and Tamme - 19.6 million dollars

This is how much money the Broncos have tied into four players that are unlikely to play a significant role in 2014. Outside of Bailey none of these players projects to push for starting time on the Broncos roster (barring injury).

If you're the sentimental type then you get Champ to restructure his deal and take the vet minimum (980K) plus performance incentives to max out at 3 million. If those numbers are not agreeable to Mr. Bailey, then it's been a heck of a ride! Cut him lose and save 10 million, cut Kuper loose and save 4.1 million, cut Dreessen and save 2.5 million, and restructure Tamme to about half of his 3 million 2014 cap number. Do all of that and you will have saved the team approximately 15.2 million. That is a sizable chunk of cash to be thrown around when added to the 12.5 the Broncos are likely to have from last season.

But wait, it gets even better...

3. Bon Voyage Eric Decker

You hit the lottery! After having Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow waste your freshman and sophomore NFL seasons, Decker had arguably the greatest quarterback of all time throwing him the rock in 2012-2013. What did this mean for his career? Back to back 80 reception, 1000 yard, 10+ TD seasons. In Denver we've appreciated your time and will look back upon your career as a Bronco fondly (and with a smile on our face as we revisit your encounter with a couple of turf monsters). But.........

It's a business, you do what you have to and so will Elway.

You have all this money now, what do you go out and buy?

4. Spend some money at home

Sign DRC, Wesley Woodyard, Zane Beadles, Steve Vallos. Yes I brought back Beadles. I'm the GM, when I take my imaginary wizard hat off you're more than welcome to flash it. Beadles will be pretty cheap this season IMO. Vallos is a cheap and easy resign for interior depth.

Though Woodyard is a bit overmatched at MLB, and Trevathan has come along nicely at the Will Position, I fully expect the Broncos to resign Woodyard.

With all my very unscientific contract guesstimates, After signing DRC, Woodyard, Beadles, and Vallos, the Broncos would STILL have oodles of cash to spend in free agency.

5. What's next?

Make a big splash at Safety or DE....or both! You'll have the fat stacks necessary in order to bring that level of talent on the defensive side of the ball. Sure Denver has always had luck finding some great talent from mid round draft picks and vja undrafted free agents, but let us take an inventory of current Broncos defenders:

Starting Position


Draft position


Derek Wolfe*

2nd round


Shaun Phillips

4th round



3rd round



7th round



6th round






1st round

DB 1


1st round

DB 2

Harris Jr.


DB 3


1st round



2nd round




* Drafted by Elway

Three first rounders here. Champ was acquired via trade years ago, DRC was acquired in FA last season, Only Von Miller was drafted highly as a Denver Bronco. From there we see three undrafted players and a slew of mid to late round picks rounding out the starting lineup.

Go get some more talent Mr. Elway. Get us another fearsome edge rusher to pair up with Von Miller. Provide us that ballhawking safety with great hitting ability Denver so desperately misses in the secondary.

6. Don't expect big returns (at least immediately) from the NFL draft

I'm calling it right now. No draft pick from 2014 will make a significant impact on this team in 2014.

Last season all we had to show for our haul was some backup production from Montee Ball, Sylvester Williams, and Kayvon Webster. Those were the Broncos first three picks. From 2012 it was Derek Wolfe (2nd rounder).

Three seasons ago the Broncos were so thin up and down the roster Elway could say with confidence that the 2011 draft would yield 3-4 starters. This isn't the case any longer. A rookie is going to have to come here and impress with work ethic and limited opportunities in live situations.

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