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Super Bowl 2014 Six Pack: John Elway's "Plan A" Is Today

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Plan A, aka Peyton Manning and Super Bowl Championships, all converge today making John Elway look like a football genius.

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1. There is no Plan B

It was crazy to say such a thing for many of us fans who were convinced Peyton Manning was likely done as an effective quarterback in the NFL. In hindsight, the armchair quarterbacks who were concerned about it ended up being completely wrong and John Elway was completely right. It's the way it should work out, but ask Cleveland Browns fans how often the fans know more about what should be done than those running the team.

I'm loving Plan A and hopefully it leads to another Plan A next February. I'm hungry. Broncos Country is hungry. Bring it home today, Denver.

2. The #12thManning Hijack

That's right, we're determined to hack that 12th Man garbage today. Go get 'em Kyle and Jon!

3. Catch these Ducks, Rich

Drew Litton can always be counted upon to lay it down for us Broncos fans. This one was just awesome.

5. Broncos Crazy!

I almost didn't share this video today because the lass was particularly foul mouthed at times - in fact, right off the bat she is. However, she captivated me with her enthusiasm and knowledge of the game once again. If you don't like F bombs, then do not click play!

6. Our Theme Song for Monday Morning

Today's Six Pack is a bit short today because I spent most of the night out on the town with the wife. She happens to be a huge Irish Rovers fan and they are in the middle of their 50th anniversary tour - a farewell tour - so it was pretty awesome.

I loved every minute of it and even came away with the perfect theme song for many of us in Broncos Country come Monday morning. Win or lose, I'm pretty sure this will be close to how it goes down for me! Go Broncos!

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