3 Things

1. What I'm confident in: Denver will be able to score. I expect that we get to the mid-20s minimum, and wouldn't be surprised if we hit thirty. I mean c'mon, I've watched this offense all year. On the flip side, I think Seattle is capable of scoring but it is far from certain that they will. The Denver D has played very well their last four games.

2. What I'm concerned about: Percy Harvin as an an x-factor. We know what Seattle's offense has looked like without him, and I think our defense can handle that. Then there have been peeks with him which concern me. The dude is a super-dynamic athlete and could give us fits if we aren't careful. If he can create space for their offense to operate in then Seattle might keep up with Denver in scoring. Then again, he might break down on the second play again.

3. One thing I want to see happen: Champ getting a game-changing pick. He has been THE Bronco over the past decade and his reward has been to be excellent in a sea of mediocrity. There was that one season of extreme disappointment too, as we really should have faced the Seahawks in a Super Bowl nearly a decade ago. After the tough regular season, Champ has played a huge role in our playoff run. I'd love a nice cherry-on-the-top, monster play to help the Broncos win the Superbowl for him. He deserves it.

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