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Super Bowl 48 Live - Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks

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It is GAME TIME! I can't call this a first quarter open thread, but just know we'll be busting out new threads whenever we get close to the 700-800 comment threshold. Broncos 38, Seahawks 16 baby!
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SB Nation 2014 NFL Playoff Coverage

Seattle Seahawks
Sunday, February 2, 2014 - 4:30 pm MT
Denver Broncos




202.2 (26th) Pass Off. 340.2 (1st)
136.8 (4th) Rush Off. 117.1 (15th)
172.0 (1st) Pass Def. 254.4 (26th)
101.6 (7th) Rush Def. 101.6 (7th)
15-3 MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey 15-3
1st Seed Spread: Broncos -2.5 1st Seed
MHR Review: Seahawks Defense Weather Report7 Keys to the GamePodcast 2.24X-Factor

Saddle up Broncos fans! It's time to ride!

I am convinced that Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos will find ways to put up at least 30 points today, which means the best chance that the Seattle Seahawks have is for Russell Wilson to outscore the other team.

This is a matchup I like and I am not completely convinced this is something Wilson is able to do just yet. The sophomore slump has hit him hard in the second of the season and though I think he will be a great quarterback in thie league, he is going up against the greatest quarterback in NFL history who is playing the best football of his own historic career.

It's an unenviable task for any quarterback. Just ask John Elway who had the unfortunate task of facing one of the best offenses in NFL history in 1989 against Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers. It's not easy. The Broncos had the number one defense in the league that year and it still didn't matter because Elway could not keep pace. The harder he tried, the more mistakes he made. And forgive me, but Wilson is no Elway ... yet.

I've said it a hundred times today, Broncos 38, Seahawks 16!

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