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Super Bowl 2014: Broncos commit two turnovers, trail 8-0 in first quarter

An interception and a fumble have the Broncos already trailing in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The jitters seem to be affecting the Broncos early in Super Bowl XLVIII. A fumbled snap on Denver's first play has the Broncos trailing the Seahawks 8-0.

First Quarter Recap.

A disastrous start.

The Broncos lost the coin toss.

Oh, that wasn't the disastrous start you were looking for? You're right, the first snap of the game was worse. Center Manny Ramirez's snap sails over Peyton Manning's head and into the end zone behind them. Knowshon Moreno recovers, but the Seahawks achieve a safety in what is the fastest scoring play in Super Bowl history. Seahawks 2, Broncos 0 in 12 seconds.

The Broncos kickoff to Seattle, who execute a nine-play, 51-yard drive led by Russell Wilson's legs and ending with a controversial challenge. Pete Carroll oddly elected to kick a field goal on 4th and inches deep in Denver territory - it is often said it takes touchdowns, not field goals, to beat the Broncos, Coach - and the Seahawks extended their lead. Seahawks 5, Broncos 0.

The Broncos took their first non-fumbled snaps on offense and promptly went 3-and-out. Manning was 2-for-2 on the drive, but both underneath passes were a little

On the next drive, the Seahawks again stalled near the red zone. Seahawks 8, Broncos 0. Then disaster struck again for the Broncos - a 3rd down pass intended for Julius Thomas sails on Manning. Kam Chancellor is there and intercepts Manning.

The Seahawks will start the 2nd quarter with a 2nd and 5 on Denver's 17-yard line.