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Super Bowl 2014 Halftime Score: Seahawks killing Broncos 22-0

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Two interceptions - one for a touchdown - have the Broncos trailing huge at halftime of Super Bowl XLVIII.

Jeff Gross

Second Quarter - Seahawks 8, Broncos 0

The Seahawks are poised for an early potential kill of the Broncos, and a pass interference penalty by Tony Carter extends their drive, giving them a 1st and Goal on the one-yard line. Two plays later, Lynch marches in for the touchdown, making it Seahawks 15, Broncos 0 with 12 minutes left in Q2.

Denver gets their first first down of the game on the next drive, and they make it two-in-a-row by the skin of their teeth. It's clear Denver's yards-after-catch strategy is not working, as Seahawks defensive backs and linebackers throttle Broncos wide receivers the moment they catch the ball for little gain.

However, the Broncos are able to put together some momentum - and a drive consisting of four first downs - until Zane Beadles' tripping penalty puts them back 10 yards. Then, on 3rd and 13, disaster strikes (noticing a theme?) - Cliff Avril gets past Orlando Franklin, and Manning is hit as he throws. Malcolm Smith comes up with an interception and returns it 69 yards for what feels like a game-sealing Seattle touchdown. Seahawks 22, Broncos 0 with 33 minutes left in the game.

That doesn't bode well.

Neither does that.

The Broncos got desperate and went for it on 4th and 2 instead of putting points on the board. They fail to convert as Seattle's defensive line continues to dominate.

This one is ugly, folks. How can the Broncos pull themselves out of it?