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Super Bowl 2014: Broncos facing a 36-8 blowout entering 4th quarter

Four turnovers (counting the safety) and a failure in all facets has the Broncos facing a Super Bowl blowout.

Kevin C. Cox

Third Quarter - Seahawks 22, Broncos 0

The Broncos were down 22-0 entering the third quarter, and it quickly got worse before it got better. Percy Harvin returned the second half opening kickoff 88 yards for a touchdown. Seahawks 29, Broncos 0.

It doesn't take long for Seattle's stifling defense to pick up right where it left off. The Broncos' drive stalls at Seattle's 38-yard line, and facing a 4th and 11, the Broncos elect to punt.

On Marshawn Lynch's first run of the second half, he more than doubles his rushing total for the game. Held to 17 total rushing yards in the first half, Lynch rushes for 18 right away, nearly breaking free for a long touchdown had Broncos safety Mike Adams missed his shoestring tackle. However, Denver's defense stands firm and forces the Seahawks to punt. It's their first punt of the night.

The Broncos continue plugging away, but it won't matter for long. Demaryius Thomas fumbles after a big throw from Peyton Manning, and Seattle recovers. Four turnovers on the night.

It didn't take long for Seattle to make the Broncos pay even more. Jermaine Kearse breaks just pitiful tackle attempts from the likes of Tony Carter, Wesley Woodyard, and Duke Ihenacho to find the end zone. Seahawks 36, Broncos 0.

With the game fully out of hand, Manning and the offense perform like they should have all game and march straight down the field. Demaryius Thomas hauls in a touchdown, and Wes Welker catches a two-point conversion to make it 36-8 as the third quarter comes to a close.