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Champ Bailey says he will return for 2014 season

The Denver Broncos cornerback faces uncertainty after an injury-riddled 2013 season and a big contract number in 2014.

Kevin C. Cox

The sting of this Super Bowl loss won't keep Champ Bailey away from the Broncos in 2014. According to the cornerback, his love of the game of football is too strong.

"It was disappointing, you know, but I said before this game I'm an optimist. I'm not done playing football," Bailey said. "I feel like I'm going to give myself another shot next year."

Bailey entered his 14th season this year and made his first Super Bowl. His Broncos teammates rallied around the idea of winning Bailey a Super Bowl - "This one's for Champ," if you will - but it wasn't in the cards. The Seahawks dominated the Broncos across the board in a thorough 43-8 thumping of Denver.

Despite the stinging loss, Bailey isn't done.

"I'm not really worried about anything as far as my mindset because I know I can play the game," said Bailey. "I know we got a good team. I know we put together some things."

Champ also said a move to safety isn't out of the question.

"Absolutely, if it makes sense. It just has to be the right situation, the right fit. Something I want to do," said Bailey. "So that's something I'll definitely look into."

Asked about his contract status and whether he sees changes coming, Champ was less certain. Bailey will be due $10 million by the Broncos next year, and at the age of 35,  following a season that saw him mostly absent due to injury, it seems a restructure is on the horizon.

"It's not in my hands," Bailey said. "I'm always fighting to make the team anyway. That's how I look at every OTA, training camp, mini camp, it doesn't matter. I'm always preparing like I'm one of the bottom guys that's trying to get on the team as a free agent or whatever it may be."

Still, given his way, Champ Bailey will return to the Broncos in 2014.

"I love the game, and I can still play. That's pretty much what it is. That's all it is."