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Six Pack: Denver Broncos get healthy boost from unexpected salary cap bump

I'm not going to lie, I would prefer the Denver Broncos keep The Four Horsemen together at least one more year. The most dominant, and underachieving, offense in NFL history should get one more attempt to get it right.
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1. Show me the Money!

If it turns out Adam Schefter was right on the money with his tweet, the Denver Broncos can expect $4 million extra dollars to play with in Free Agency. My sneaking suspicion is that the NFL and the NFLPA are trying hard to figure out a way to give teams more incentive to keep veteran players on their rosters.

I think the elephant in the room with the new CBA Agreement is how nearly all teams are targeting rookies for their rosters, rather than veterans. It's cheaper and only the best veteran Free Agents are getting deal, but even those guys are getting paid a fraction of what they would have gotten just three years ago.

Increasing the bump in annual salary cap will only help teams serious about winning championships, but won't really address the real problem the new CBA has created. I believe we are seeing an era where well-run franchises could actually build dynasties again through the draft. Something we have not really seen over the last 25 years.

Of course, that is pure speculation on my part. I do not study the salary cap like others out there - only applying my own opinion and biases on the unexpected bump.

2. Chris Harris JR. Podcast

In case you missed it, Mile High Report was able to get one of the teams best defenders on the air for this week's podcast. Well worth the listen and its good to hear that he is well ahead of schedule on his recovery for 2014.

3. Another Award

Luke Richesson, the Broncos Strength and Conditioning Coach, was given that positions Coach of the Year award by Samson Equipment, American Football Monthly. Many of us have heard of his unique training style and most of us agree that it has shown great worth for the team.

4. Drafting the Mock

This mock draft tool never gets old, so this time I decided to run another three round simulation.

  • Round 1: Kony Ealy, Defensive End
  • Round 2: Xavier Su'A-Filo, Guard
  • Round 3: Michael Sam, Defensive End

5. Tribute to the 2013 AFC Champions

6. Horse Tracks