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2014 NFL Salary Cap to be 135 million?

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Forget reports last week that the cap would be closer to 130 million. Speculation today has that number considerably higher.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Via Pro Football Talk:

Per the source, the cap could be a "few million" higher than $132 million.  If this means $3 million more than reported, the cap could be as high as $135 million.  That would amount to an 9.75 percent increase over last year, the biggest spike by far since the 2011 labor deal was negotiated.

It's unknown whether the increase in the cap, which is based on revenues but inevitably is negotiated by the NFL and the NFLPA, will result from efforts to borrow against future cap increases.  In past years, the quid pro quo for an increase in the cap has included an agreement by the NFLPA to permit cap penalties to be imposed on the Cowboys and Redskins for treating the uncapped year of 2010 too literally.

Over the Cap dot com has the Denver Broncos looking at a 2014 top 51 contracts number of about 117.5 million.  If this report is true, the Broncos would have approximately 17.5 million free against the 2014 cap and that is still without cutting any fat.

For all the "speculation haters" out there that hate the idea of using logic and facts in order to create projections, read no further.  For the rest of us we know there are 4-key contracts on the books that can be restructured or cut in order to provide even more room.

1) Champ Bailey 9 million + 1 million roster bonus (get the number down to 3-4 per year)

2) Chris Kuper 4.1 million,  (outright cut)

3) Joel Dreessen 2.5 million (outright cut)

4) Jacob Tamme 3.5 million (500 K dead), restructure to about 1.5 million

Together these moves give you an additional savings of 15.1-16.1 million.

When you couple the projected cap with the projected savings, the Broncos could have 32.6-33.6 million free against the cap.